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The Dr. Nan S. Hutchison Broward Senior Hall of Fame honors elder excellence in the volunteer sector of Broward County.

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Shelly Greenberg, Delray Beach, 74

There are many quiet people in our lives who dedicate their time and talents to benefit the needs of others. These amazing volunteers are here, there, and everywhere when needed, and they work tirelessly day, night, and in between to counsel families, as well as individuals who are struggling to cope with Alzheimer’s Disease. A majority of her time is donated to helping caregivers understand the illness and its impact of their lives.

This capable candidate has volunteered to meet with caregivers, as well as spoken to family members individually and in groups to explain the problems associated with the illness. As a registered nurse, this senior has represented the North Broward Memory Disorder Center at numerous conferences as a speaker and developed training programs for law enforcement and firefighter officials to help them comprehend the ills of Alzheimer's. Her caring and dedication have brought comfort and hope to hundreds of Broward residents seeking both knowledge and compassion in their search for hope. For her volunteerism and brilliance, Shelly Greenberg definitely qualifies for the Senior Hall of Fame.