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The Dr. Nan S. Hutchison Broward Senior Hall of Fame honors elder excellence in the volunteer sector of Broward County.

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Lillian Bergstein, Lauderhill, 88

Lillian Bergstein has been a volunteer at the Cantor Center, in Sunrise, since her husband passed away ten years ago. Over the ten years Lil has never said "no" to any of the crazy things she has been asked to do. Lil has taken on the responsibility of membership retention. She sends reminders when membership is due and follows up with telephone calls. When the receptionist calls in sick, what does the Center do? . . . call Lil! Lil NEVER SAYS NO! At one point the Cantor Center had so many members from Brooklyn that they decided to start a Brooklyn Club.

Lil is from Brooklyn, so the Project Director asked her to facilitate the group. LIL NEVER SAYS NO! They needed someone to teach Canasta and the staff knew that Lil plays Canasta. LIL NEVER SAYS NO! Whenever they need an additional set of eyes in one of the Adult Day Care programs, Lil is the first one to volunteer. She is always the Cantor Center’s "Volunteer of the Year", and the staff feel that all of Broward County should honor her for her volunteer efforts. These reasons and more are why Lillian Bergstein is deserving of election to the Broward Senior Hall of Fame.