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The Dr. Nan S. Hutchison Broward Senior Hall of Fame honors elder excellence in the volunteer sector of Broward County.

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Antoinette Galleta, Pompano Beach, 90

Antoinette has been a volunteer at the NW Focal Point Senior Center since 2002. She has volunteered over 2000 hours at the Center and another 2100 at the Greater Pompano Beach Senior Citizens Club.

She was born in Italy, lived in Argentina for a few years, and moved to the United States in 1958. One interesting fact about Antoinette is that she has three daughters and each one of them was born in a different country. Antoinette has been a member of the NW Focal Point Senior Center since 2001.

She expressed an interest in calling Bingo at the Center but her friends told her that they felt her heavy Italian accent would hinder her from doing so. Her friends were very wrong! It is her heavy Italian accent that makes her so charming. Since 2004 she has been volunteering at the Center every Wednesday and Friday calling Bingo and everyone loves hearing her beautiful accent! She is cheerful and takes her duty very seriously.

Antoinette also volunteers at the Greater Pompano Beach Senior Citizens Club once a month, where takes care of the bookstore.

The NW Focal Point Senior Center truly appreciates her volunteerism, and she is an ideal candidate for the Broward Senior Hall of Fame.